the frontier / brunswick, me

My family moved to Topsham when I was 10. That was decades ago - when the river churned with a layer of dingy, dirty polluted foam and the mill stood vacant space.

Now the Androscoggin runs clean and the renovated mill is flourishing with businesses of all kinds. 

It's an honor to show in a location that represents both progress and restoration.

FRONTIER - Fort Andross, Brunswick, ME


Frontier was built from scratch, with heart & soul and as much reclaimed materials, fixtures and equipment as we could scrounge. Mill 3 has been thoroughly renovated. The original hardwood floors have been painstakingly restored. Nearly all the tables, benches, bars, doors, windows, light fixtures, theater seats and post & beam structures have been built by local Maine artists out of reclaimed materials salvaged from a number of historic Maine buildings.


Frontier café is inspired by the essence of these street markets. Frontier is committed to creating an experience that blends fresh ingredients, world flavors and seasonal culinary traditions with a lively and entertaining meeting place that encourages cultural and community exchange.


As much as Frontier is a reclaimed space – it is very much an evolving, creative canvas for storytelling, inspiration and innovation. The unique 85-seat cinema provides a dynamic space for film, live music, presentations, workshops, celebrations and community events. the gallery walls provide a vibrant canvas for exhibited stories produced collaboratively with artists and storytellers from Maine and around the world.


all images copyrighted 2017  catherine frost, folio-marketing & creative